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Sharing the joys and oys of Jewish parenting

Are you expecting or adopting your first child? jOYbaby welcomes you to the Baltimore Jewish community with:

  • A welcome package filled with gifts, resources and special offers to start you on your journey to parenthood.
  • A meeting with a friendly volunteer who can provide support and understanding about welcoming your first child.

About Us

jOYbaby is a collaborative project that welcomes new bundles of joy to  first-time parents. This program provides a Welcome Package filled with valuable gifts, Jewish parenting resources and information about family programs and services. Each one of these packages is personally delivered by an understanding and supportive volunteer whose goal is to assist in the transition of becoming a parent.

To request a welcome package, refer a new parent or become a volunteer, click on the relevant buttons or contact Lisa Bodziner at 410.735.5026 or

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Introducing jOYbaby

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